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Ultra Soft Wheel and Body Brush

Ultra Soft Wheel and Body Brush
Ultra Soft Wheel and Body Brush
Ultra Soft Wheel and Body Brush
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Ultra Soft Wheel and Body Brush
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A professional cleaning brush with ultra soft bristles for scratch-free cleaning of road grime and film along the underbody, wheels and bumpers. Get a firm comfortable grip with the rubber soft grip handle. Bristles are chemical resistant so you know you'll be using this brush countless times. Quality made in the USA.

  • Flagged tip bristles make this brush ultra soft for a scratch-free wash of all painted body components
  • Bristles are long-lasting and resistant to heat, mildew, acids and detergents
  • Rubber grip for a slip-free grip ensuring the brush won't get away from you while wet
  • Rubber bumper prevents accidental dings, blemishes and scratches


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