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Wheelwell and Underbody Brush

Car wheelwell and underbody brush with long handle and soft grip rubber handle
Car wheelwell and underbody brush with bristle detail
Car wheelwell and underbody brush
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Car wheelwell and underbody brush with long handle and soft grip rubber handle
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When you need extra scrubbing power to remove grease and mud from the wheelwell and underbody, this brush will handle the job with ease. Bristles are chemical and heat resistant so you can trust it won't fail on you. Set firmly in the durable plastic handle with a rubber bumper to prevent dents and scratches and a soft rubber grip handle for a confidant grip even when your hand is wet. Quality made in the USA.

  • Flagged Tip Bristles Are Resistant to Acids and Detergents
  • Rubber grip for a slip-free grip ensuring the brush won't get away from you while wet
  • Rubber bumper prevents accidental dings, blemishes and scratches

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