Replacing Your Car's Cabin Air Filter

Replacing Your Car's Cabin Air Filter

Not a lot of thought is given to having fresh, clean air inside our cars. Usually we think only about the way it smells. If it smells bad there are a lot of options to mask the odors with everything from a hanging tree shaped piece of cardboard that (is supposed to) smell like pine to odor bombs. 

None of them, however, treat the source of the odor which is actually mold, mildew, bacteria and fungus that has found residency inside the core of your car's air conditioning system. Fortunately, we have Klima-Cleaner Professional A/C Cleaner to get rid of those odor causing inhabitants. Find out more about how Klima-Cleaner works here.

Just as important as cleaning your air conditioner with Klima-Cleaner, we also suggest you check your cabin air filter at the same time because it may be time to replace it (like the one pictured above).

Cabin air filters (sometimes called pollen air filters) come as standard equipment in many cars now. If you're not sure whether your car has one or not, check with your dealer. Many car owners have them and are completely unaware. This can be a bad thing because the filter can get really dirty in just a matter of months. Cabin filters trap dust, pollen, leaves and even insects that are drawn in through the fresh air vent of your car so that the air that coming out of your vents is clean and healthy. However, if left unchanged, they can become so dirty, that they restrict the air flow moving through the system which can then put stress on the blower fan and shorten its life. Dirty filters are also a source of foul odors. So even if you treated your system with Klima-Cleaner, there may still be an odor thanks to a dirty filter.

So be sure to replace your cabin air filters while treating your A/C system with Klima-Cleaner. Cabin air filters are usually located above the blower fan which is located behind your glove box. Check with your dealer for the exact location. 

So when applying Klima-Cleaner, be sure to replace your cabin air filter for the freshest, cleanest air. Every six months or everytime you change your oil is a good rule of thumb to follow. 

17th Apr 2015 Michael Mankarious

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