Ethanol Windshield Washer Fluid vs Methanol | nextzett USA

Ethanol Windshield Washer Fluid vs Methanol | nextzett USA

Unlike many of our competitors, at nextzett we never use methanol (wood alcohol) in any of our products that require an alcohol base. This is especially true with our winter care products Anti-Frost Concentrate winter washer fluid and De-Icer spray in which the majority of the product is alcohol-based. Why are we against methanol? It's simple. Methanol can be highly toxic. Instead, we use ethanol (ethyl alcohol) which is safer to use and is not as toxic.Rubbing alcohol and hand sanitizers are ma …
8th Dec 2018 Michael Mankarious

How to Add Windshield Washer Fluid | nextzett USA

 Windshield washer fluid is often overlooked but considered very important the moment you need it. Your windshield is your window to the road ahead and at highway speeds, a dirty windshield can make for a hazardous drive. Have you turned on your wipers, pressed the windshield washer trigger only to find it's empty? Or maybe it isn't empty but whatever you had in there only made matters worse by smearing and adding dangerous glare (especially when driving directly towards the sun). The good …
17th Jan 2017

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