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Deluxe Edgeless Super Plush Microfiber Towel - Blue (16 x 16 in)

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  • Use to remove polish and wax residue
  • Great for waterless wash and detail sprays
  • Edgeless design with no tags
  • Machine washable

This microfiber detailing towel boasts a high pile on both sides and an edgeless finish, providing a soft, plush feel with longer fibers for efficient particle removal and safeguarding against scratches, micro-marring, and swirl marks. With no stitched or banded edges, users can trust that the Zero Edge design won't cause damage to soft paint. Ideal for wax and polish residue removal, quick detail sprays, rinseless car wash, and delicate finish work.

Care instructions: Machine wash hot with a gentle wash detergent such as nextzett Blitz All Purpose Cleaner  on gentle cycle and dry on delicate cycle. As with all microfiber materials, wash separately from cotton towels and avoid bleach as well as fabric softeners (liquid or fabric) which will shorten the life of the microfiber. Wash dark colors separately. Can be washed hundreds of times.

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