How To Clean Rubber Floor Mats

Rubber floor mats are extremely durable and are very easy to maintain. Mud, leaves and snow can be easily washed from them and they are resistant to constant wear and tear. Here's how to clean and maintain them.



What You'll Need:



Plastic Deep Cleaner is a concentrated cleaner that removes stubborn grime, stains and scuff marks from plastic, rubber and vinyl surfaces using highly concentrated non-caustic detergents in a water-based solution which is highly biodegradable.  It's also petroleum-free so it's safe for the surfaces of your car (won't dry surfaces out causing them to turn white), safe for you and the environment.


Pull your floor mats out of the car and shake off any loose debris.

Step 1

Spray the mats with Plastic Deep Cleaner and allow it to work for approximately three minutes. Do not allow the product to dry. Plastic Deep Cleaner will remove tough dirt and grime. If necessary, use a cotton towel or brush to agitate deep dirt and stains.

Step 2

With a hose and a spray nozzle, rinse the floor mats thoroughly. Next, dry the mats with a clean, lint-free cotton towel or microfiber towel.

Step 3

After drying mats, you can keep them looking factory new and prevent them from turning white by treating them with Cockpit Premium. Cockpit Premium is an interior treatment for all clear and colored plastic as well as rubber and vinyl surfaces. Unlike other protectants on the market, Cockpit Premium leaves a shine-free and most importantly, slip-free finish since it doesn't contain any silicone. 
Never use an exterior vinyl/rubber protectant such as nextzett Vinyl-Rubber Extra for interior surfaces that you make contact with while driving (i.e. floor mats, steering wheel, pedals and shift knob) since they contain water-resistant silicone to repel water and snow for long-lasting protection of exterior surfaces. While excellent for protection against the elements, the finish can be slippery. This also applies to motorcycle tires and seats on motorcycles. 
On the other hand, Cockpit Premium for interior surfaces will keep your rubber mats looking new without the danger of slippage because it doesn't contain water-repelling silicone.


Keep your rubber floor mats clean and prevent them from turning white with Plastic Deep Cleaner and Cockpit Premium.

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