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Refresh Your Car with Klima Cleaner ETU

Refresh Your Car with Klima Cleaner ETU

When spending significant time in your vehicle, the cleanliness of the air you breathe becomes crucial. Our range includes the renowned Klima Cleaner Pro and the accessible Klima Cleaner ETU (Easy To Use), both ensuring your vehicle's air remains fresh.

Klima Cleaner ETU serves as both a stand-alone product and a supplement to Klima Cleaner Pro as part of your interior air treatment system.

As a stand-alone, it cleans the air in your vehicle and circulates throughout your air conditioning system.

As a supplement to Klima Cleaner Pro which physically cleans the evaporator core (the source of the odors coming out of the air conditioning system) of dust, pollen, and odor causing agents, Klima Cleaner ETU will provide a better breathing environment by cleaning the cabin area.

What is Klima Cleaner ETU?

Unlike typical air fresheners that mask odors with fragrances or use "bombs" to encapsulate odors, Klima Cleaner ETU neutralizes and eliminates odor-causing agents in your vehicle's cabin. It contains the same effective ingredients as Klima Cleaner Pro—safe, natural, and specifically formulated for enclosed spaces.

What Klima Cleaner ETU Does

This specialized cleaner atomizes to reach all interior surfaces, eliminating odors from sources like sweat, food, and dirt. It also circulates through the air conditioning system, ensuring a comprehensive clean.

Benefits of Klima Cleaner ETU

  • Eliminates Odors: Neutralizes and removes odors directly ensuring they are not just masked but eradicated.
  • Enhances Air Quality: By clearing out odor-causing agents, it significantly improves the air quality, making your car a healthier environment.
  • User-Friendly Application: Provides a straightforward application process accessible to non-professionals, ensuring everyone can use it effectively.
  • Sustained Freshness: Delivers long-lasting results, keeping the air conditioning system fresh for extended periods.

Safety and Environmental Responsibility: Contains only natural ingredients safe for both the vehicle's interior and the environment, avoiding harsh chemicals harmful in enclosed spaces. How to Use Klima Cleaner ETU

Directions for Use:

  1. Begin by cleaning the interior of your vehicle and replacing the cabin air filter if necessary.
  2. Start your car, set the air conditioner to high fan and recirculate mode.
  3. Place the can on the floor area between the front and back seats, ensuring it is facing away from you.
  4. Activate the spray button, which locks in place, allowing the can to empty automatically.
  5. Exit the vehicle and close all doors and windows, allowing the cleaner to work for 15 minutes.
  6. Finally, ventilate the car by opening windows and doors for at least 5 minutes before driving.

Quick Tip:

Place a paper towel underneath the can in case there’s any overspray. While the formula won’t harm the surface, it makes for a clean application.


Klima Cleaner ETU, our latest innovation, ensures a cleaner and healthier vehicle interior where you spend a substantial amount of your time. Suitable for freshening up your car post-road trips, new used car purchases, or just maintaining everyday freshness.

Try a can of Klima Cleaner ETU today and see for yourself the difference just one application can make!

If you have any questions, reach out to us!

Klima Cleaner ETU FAQ’s

  • Usage Frequency: Recommended biannually, but can be used as needed to maintain freshness.
  • Air Filter Removal: Not required; Klima Cleaner ETU does not necessitate removing the cabin air filter.
  • Difference from Klima Cleaner Pro: While highly effective, Klima Cleaner ETU is designed for easy use and does not replace the comprehensive cleaning provided by Klima Cleaner Pro, which physically cleans the core components of the air conditioning system.
  • How many applications in one can of Klima Cleaner ETU? One can is good for one application on a vehicle. 
7th May 2024 Michael Mankarious

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