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Clay Bar Light Cut (200 g)

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Clay bar light cut 200 grams
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  • Effectively removes rail dust, brake dust, tree sap, paint overspray from paint finishes
  • Light cut makes this clay effective with most minor paint contaminants
  • Removes rust spots on paint that's a result of rail or brake dust particulates
  • Enough clay to treat two cars

Nothing is more effective at removing paint surface contaminants, paint overspray, stubborn tree sap, rail dust, and other environmental contaminants than a clay bar. Like a lint brush for your car's paint, a clay bar will remove all these contaminants to make your paint extremely smooth before you even polish it.

It's how every professional detailer starts their detail process prior to polishing the paint finish.

First, break the clay bar in half (this clay bar is 200 grams which is enough to treat two cars). Then in the palm of your hand, knead the clay to make it malleable and flat.

After washing your car with soap and rinsing off, spray the wet paint with a detail spray like nextzett Perfect Shine and then glide the clay bar along the surface. You'll need to fold the bar several times during the application of one car since it'll accumulate with contaminants. Be sure to keep the paint slick with the detail spray so you don't accidentally mar the paint finish and keep turning over the clay to expose a clean and fresh side.

After you clay the paint finish, polish and then seal the surface with a wax, sealant or coating of your choice.

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