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nextzett Wheel and Engine Cleaner
nextzett Wheel and Engine Cleaner for cleaning wheels and wheel rims
nextzett Wheel and Engine Cleaner for cleaning engines
nextzett Wheel and Engine Cleaner
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  • A dual-purpose pH-balanced, low alkaline cleaner formulated to safely remove brake dust, brake pitting, and road grime from all types of wheel finishes and effectively clean uncoated aluminum surfaces in the engine area that could become discolored with the use of degreasers.

  • Loosens road grime, brake dust and grease to make removal easier. Just spray, allow to dwell for a few minutes and then agitate with a brush or sponge, and rinse. Watch grime come off with ease.

  • Use on the most sensitive finishes with confidence. Will not discolor or dull finishes unlike harsher, acid-based cleaners.

Wheel Cleaner helps make the removal of stubborn brake dust and road grime easy without acids or lye. Safe for use on all wheel finishes including wheels with sensitive finishes such as uncoated powder coated wheels. Wheel Cleaner will leave your wheel finish clean and brilliant. Just spray and allow to work for a few minutes. Loosen stubborn road grime with a soft bristle brush or sponge and wash away.

Directions: Spray nextzett Wheel + Engine Cleaner onto the surface to be cleaned and let it soak in for about 1 minute. Then use a strong jet of water to rinse away cleaner and the loosened grime. Repeat treatment for stubborn contaminants use a brush or sponge. Use only as directed.


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