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Ceramic Coating Microfiber Suede Applicator


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Microfiber Suede applicator for ceramic coating and glass sealant application
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Wrapped in a super soft suede microfiber, our ceramic coating applicator sponge is designed for expertly applying ceramic coatings and glass coatings. The smooth microfiber suede lays a perfectly even layer for a professional finish. Each applicator is designed to be used once and we suggest having two applicators on hand per vehicle application of ceramic coatings and one for glass coatings. 
  • Suede microfiber conveniently integrated with applicator sponge for fast and efficient application
  • Fits comfortably in palm of hand
  • Allows for an even coat for a professional finish 


The applicator measures 3.5 in x 1.5 in x 1 in


Use with Ceramic Coatings and nextzett Glass Sealant

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