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Glass Sealant - 6.8 oz (200ml)

nextzett Glass Sealant - 6.8 oz (200ml)
nextzett Glass Sealant - 6.8 oz (200ml)
nextzett Glass Sealant - 6.8 oz (200ml)
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nextzett Glass Sealant - 6.8 oz (200ml)
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  • An advanced glass coating that repels water for months
  • Improves visibility during heavy rain storms and improves wiper performance
  • Helps make removal of ice and frost faster and easier
  • The super slick surface makes for a self-cleaning effect
  • Treats approximately 20 windshields

Glass Sealant is a long-lasting glass treatment that increases water repellency causing water to instantly bead off. For use on windshields, car windows and mirrors, house windows, sinks, tiles, shower doors and any glass surface. Glass Sealant repels rain for improved clarity while driving; makes it easier to remove bugs, sap, dirt, ice and snow for a self-cleaning effect; reduces glare; and helps reduce hard water marks.  Unlike silicone-based treatments that offer short term protection and can alter optics, Glass Sealant works by forming a high strength, temperature-resistant, invisible and permanent SI matrix chemical bond. It isn’t affected by glass cleaners, windshield washer fluids or anti-freeze and can protect up to six months under normal driving conditions. 


nextzett Glass Sealant must be applied on surfaces that are clean and free of any residue. Pre-clean any surface that is lightly soiled with a glass cleaner such as nextzett Windscreen Clear “Scheibenklar”. For surfaces with more stubborn or heavier soiling, use einszett Glaspolish. After cleaning, apply Glass Sealant with a disposable paper towel or with our Ceramic and Glass Coating Applicator and rub evenly on to surface. After the film has dried, moisten a nextzett Microfiber Towel with a light spray of water and buff off excess material. Store the product at room temperature. Do not allow to freeze! Do not mix with other products! Use only as directed.


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