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einszett Glass Polish from nextzett
Glass Polish - 6.8 oz
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  • Deep cleaning polish for glass and mirrors
  • Removes splatter, hard water spots, sap, stubborn road grime, windshield wiper streaks
  • Improves windshield wiper performance. Reduces windshield wiper skipping and shuddering.
  • Dramatically improves clarity and improves water roll off.
  • Apply by hand or polishing machine

einszett Glaspolish is a powerful glass cleaning polish that road grime, watermarks, hard water minerals, silicone, waxes, oils, and polyurethane adhesive residue. Use before applying a rain repellent such as nextzett Glass Sealant for best adhesion. How to use: Shake before using. Apply an amount of einszett Glaspolish (about the size of a quarter) with a cotton towel or foam applicator sponge and clean the surface in an up and down, circular pattern until the cleaner dries to a haze. Wipe off residue with a clean, lint-free towel (microfiber is best). If the humidity is high, polish will take longer to dry and might require more wiping to remove all residue. For a perfect finish, follow up by cleaning with nextzett Windscreen Clear glass cleaner. Note, not for use on plastic and plastic headlights!

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