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Kristall Klar Premium Washer Fluid Concentrate Makes 55 Gallons - 32 oz (946 ml)

92102715 Kristall Klar Premium Windshield Washer fluid concentrate makes 55 gallons
Kristall Klar Premium Windshield Washer fluid concentrate
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92102715 Kristall Klar Premium Windshield Washer fluid concentrate makes 55 gallons
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  • 1 bottle makes 55 gallons
  • Economical washer fluid detergent - Just add water!
  • Glare and smear free cleaning for safer driving
  • Quickly removes bugs, dirt and sap
  • Reduces wiper skipping and shuddering
  • Water softeners prevent hard water mineral build-up which can cause spray jets to clog

A super windshield washer fluid detergent that outperforms the typical blue washer fluid. Developed for leading German car makers, Kristall Klar Windshield Washer Fluid Concentrate is over 200 times more concentrated than the typical pre-mixed washer fluid. Each bottle when mixed with regular tap water, makes 55 gallons of highly effective washer fluid that easily removes road grime, bugs, sap and dirt without causing smearing or glare that can impair driving. Reduces wiper blade wear and tear and eliminates skipping and shuddering. Does not leave white residue on paintwork. Softeners prevent mineral build-up in washer system for optimum operation. And unlike washer fluid tablets, Kristall Klar will dissolve completely, contains lubricants and won't clog your windshield washer fluid system. Biodegradable and phosphate-free. Ammonia-free so it won't harm chrome, paintwork, rubber or plastic. Has a fresh citrus scent. 

Not rated for freezing. For winter and year-round protection, try our winter formula Anti-Frost Concentrate.


Directions for mixing:

Begin filling 55 gallon drum with tap water then pour entire contents of 32 fl oz bottle of Kristall Klar into drum. Fill remainder of drum with water until full.


32 fl oz

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