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How to Prevent Swirl Marks on Car | nextzett USA

Are you in a constant battle trying to eliminate swirl marks (sometimes called spider webs) and scratches from ruining the look of your car's paint finish? Instead of always trying to fix the problem, let's try and prevent the problem from occurring in the first place. After all they just don't appear by themselves. The reality is, those swirl marks and scratches are due to the action of car owners.

So here are some simple Do's and Don'ts to stop these swirl marks and scratches from appearing. Some may seem obvious but all of these recommendations are based on the experiences we've had over the years.


  • Don't use a paper towel, old rag, flannel shirt, t-shirt, or cloth diaper to wash or dry your paint.
  • Don't use an abrasive pot scrubber (such as Scotch Brite (R)) to wash your paint or remove stains. Yes, sadly we have heard or read about people using this method.
  • Don't use the wheel brush attachment at self-service wash stations (sometimes called wash boxes) to wash your car paint. 
  • Don't use anything other than a car wash shampoo to wash your car.
  • Don't use an abrasive cleaner such as Softscrub (R) to remove stains from your car.
  • Don't wash your car at a hand carwash where they use thin, low cost worn rags to dry your car.


  • Do wash your car only with a microfiber wash mitt or a wool wash mitt.
  • Do rinse your car from top to bottom before washing to loosen dirt that can contaminate your wash mitt and cause swirl marks and scratches in your finish.
  • Do wash your car from top to bottom to prevent dirt from the lower part of your car from contaminating your wash mitt which can scratch your paint.
  • Do use a microfiber drying towel like our Ultimate Waffle Weave Microfiber Drying Towel.
  • Do take your car only to touch-less carwashes, self-service wash stations (sometimes called wash boxes), or carwashes with advanced foam brushes.

Follow these simple do's and don'ts and you'll have a scratch-free car worthy of showing off. If you still have scratches and need to remove them, take a look at our line of polishes that will effectively treat them. 

12th Feb 2018 Michael Mankarious

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